Buying At Auction

A Fun and Fast Paced Experience!

Checking In:

  1. Upon Entering, Head to the Cashier (Look for the Sign)!
  2. Have your driver’s license ready! The Cashier will check you in and issue a Bidder Number.
  3. Use your Bid Card to bid on items through-out the Auction.
  4. When the Auctioneer hammers SOLD, you must show your number to the Auctioneer and Clerk, to be recorded with the sale of the item.
  5. When you are ready to check out take your bid card or number to the cashier office and they will run a Talley of all the items that you purchased that evening and give you a total due.
  6. We accept Cash and Good Pennsylvania checks with no extra charges. We accept Visa, MasterCard with a 3% added fee for the use of the card. Out of state checks must be approved previous to the auction.
  • We will prosecute any bad checks to the fullest extent of the law, if you do not wish to have a lien on you please do not pass a bad check.
  • Please be sure to check in each week, Bid Cards Cannot be re-used.
  • Each week the color of the Bid Card will change to avoid false bids.
  • Buying

    1. You will be required to check in and get a bidder number when you arrive, ID will be required.
    2. Your bidder number is yours, take care of it ,and if you lose it for some reason we will work to replace or re-issue another.
    3. Please be distinct in your bidding, let the auctioneer know you wish to bid on an item by getting his or an assistants attention.
    4. When you have won an item the auctioneer will hammer it sold and it becomes yours. Please present your bidder number and be prepared to pay for you item before you leave.
    5. We will take absentee bids and a bidding assistant will bid in your absence.
    6. On-line / Phone bidding may be available for select auctions, you will be required to pre-register.
    7. Please pay for your item/items before you leave the premises the day of the auction.


    1. We take consignments at our auction house M-Friday 8:00am—5:00pm. Saturdays are by appointment only.
    2. We will come to you and assess your merchandise or home and work with you there to consign.
    3. Our rates are competitive and depend on the lot size, value of items, and if we are picking up or you are dropping off, etc.
    4. Consignors will receive payment within 1-2 weeks after close of auction.


  • We take Visa, Matercard, and Discover for purchases, we do add a 3% surcharge for this type of payment.
  • We take good Pa checks and pre-approved out of state checks(check ahead for authorization).
  • Money orders / cash are always welcome..
  • Shipping

  • We can ship anywhere in the United States via UPS shipping.
  • We are happy to help with packing and shipping your product if needed(additional fee will apply).